Professional Development Opportunities for Community College Faculty to Meet Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Regulations

The University of Northern Iowa is pleased to partner with Iowa's Community Colleges to help meet the need for graduate education as a result of recent changes set forth by the Higher Learning Commission.

UNI provides a variety of delivery options for community college faculty to earn credit that are convenient, affordable, and well-designed.

  • Prior to enrolling, please check with your dean or chief academic officer to ensure the credits will meet the HLC's requirements.
  • Graduate-level courses are designated with course numbers that begin with a 5, 6, or 7.
  • A guide to UNI departmental prefixes can be found at

Online Semester-Based: Fall 2017 

Coursework may be delivered entirely online using desktop video conferencing (Adobe Connect) and via eLearning, a Blackboard learning management system. Courses may utilize one or both of these delivery methods, with schedules designed to fit the schedules of practicing educators. Please check back often, as courses may be added.

Tentative Schedule
PSYCH 5204 Psychology of Aging
PSYCH 5403 Abnormal Psychology

$498 per unit of credit
$38 technology fee per course
Special tuition rate of $300 per unit (plus technology fee) for faculty members from community colleges with a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Northern Iowa.

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(faculty members from community colleges with a Memorandum of Agreement with UNI should indicate "CC Faculty Registration" in the Class Location field on the enrollment form, item 1)

Guided Independent Study

Students in GIS courses work independently and progress at their own pace as they complete course requirements entirely at a distance under the guidance of a UNI faculty member. Students may enroll in GIS courses at any time and take up to nine months to complete a course.

ANTH 5016 Climate Change, Human Migration and Conflict
CHEM 5159 Drugs, Poisons and Venoms (under development)
CRIM 5319 Victimology
CRIM 5323 Social Deviance and Control
EDPSYCH 5116 Psychology of Adolescence
EDPSYCH 5152 Development of the Middle School Aged Child
EDPSYCH 5186 Studies in Forgiveness
ELEMECML 5186 Studies in Graduate-Level Writing
ELEMECML 5150 Elementary Curriculum
ELEMECML 5123 Methods of Teaching Visual and Performing Arts Integration in the Elementary Classroom
ELEMECML 5186 Studies in Teaching African American Students: Empowering Strategies and Approaches
HISUS 5160 U.S. History from 1929 to 1960
HPE 5186 Studies in Community and Public Health for the Educator
HPE 5186 Studies in Mental and Emotional Health for School Health Educators
HPE 5186 Studies in Sexuality Education for School Health Educators
HPE 5186 Studies in Substance Abuse Prevention for School Educators
HPE 5186 Studies in Consumer Health for Educators
HPE 5247 Minority Health
LYHS 5186 Studies in Leisure Education Media Literacy and Celebrity Influence
LYHS 5186 Studies in Electronic Communication, Youth Development and Generation X, Y and Z
PEMES 5186 Ethical Issues in Sport & Physical Activity
PEMES 5186 Studies in Coaching and Sport Management
PEMES 5217 Organization and Administration of Competitive Sports
POSTSEC 5186 Life & Work: Discerning Values & Vocation
PSYCH 5204 Psychology of Aging
SOC 5170 Seminar in Sociology: Social Movements and Collective Action
SOCFOUND 5134 History of Education
STAT 5771 Applied Statistical Methods for Research
SW 5171 Addictions Treatment
TECH 5101 History and Philosophy of Career and Technical Education
TECH 5181 Instructional Design for Career and Technical Education
TECH 5182 Coordination of Techniques in Career and Technical Programs
TECH 5191 Implementing Career and Technical Programs
TECH 5193 Evaluation in Career and Technical Programs

$246 per unit of credit
$10 enrollment fee per course
$38 technology fee per course

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Courses are subject to cancellation if minimum enrollment requirements are not met.