SW 6247 Trauma Informed Practice II

Trauma Informed Practice II builds on Trauma Informed Practice I and continues coverage of the three interrelated foci: Violence & Trauma; Mental Health and Recovery; & Health and Wellbeing. Practice II expands the sequential model of trauma treatment and recovery, specifically focusing on the second phase, active work upon the trauma through the development of the trauma narrative and addressing the resulting grief and loss by employing any of a range of psychological techniques, as well as the final stage of fostering integration, an advance to a new post-traumatic life, possibly broadened by the experience of surviving the trauma and all it involved. Strong emphasis is placed on healthy professional development through self-awareness, self-reflection and self-care, including being attuned to the signs and symptoms of secondary traumatic stress and compassion fatigue and developing self-care strategies, techniques and supports. Practice entails further refine of methodologies introduced in Practice I as well as dialectal behavior therapy and collaborative practice strategies with schools, foster families, courts, health, behavioral health and social service agencies as a framework for multi-level practice incorporating individual and group modalities. Prerequisite(s): Completion of first year of M.S.W. program, or graduation from a Council on Social Work Education accredited undergraduate curriculum.

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Fall 2020
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Aug 17, 2020 - Nov 25, 2020
This course will meet via Zoom on Tuesdays from 6-8:50 pm.
Social Work: Advanced Standing (MSW) - Fall 2019 Cohort
Social Work: Foundation (MSW) - Foundation Track - Fall 2018 Cohort

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