MATH 4133/5133 Workshop: Making Sense of Operations

Making Sense of Operations is a course developed for elementary teachers to engage in mathematics through exploration of mathematical content and research-based pedagogical practices. This course is aligned to the Iowa Teaching Standards and embeds the components of the Iowa Core Curriculum and Iowa Professional Development Model. Resources for this course include Making Meaning for Operations: Casebook, Iowa Core Curriculum K–12 Mathematics Essential Characteristics Concepts, and Skills, articles from mathematics education journals. Making Sense of Operations is the second in a series of professional development seminars designed by the University of Northern Iowa to help teachers think through the major ideas of K–6 mathematics and examine how children develop those ideas. The textbook, Making Meaning for Operations: Casebook is filled with classroom episodes, or cases, that illustrate the mathematical thinking of students as described by their teachers. In addition to reading these cases, participants in this course view videos of mathematics classrooms; explore mathematics by doing math activities themselves; discuss central questions related to session content; plan, conduct, and analyze mathematics interviews of their students; write about the implementation of a problem-based lesson; learn and reflect on the Iowa Core Curriculum and read overviews of related research.

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Fall 2020
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Aug 5, 2020 - May 31, 2021
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Course delivery

O'Fallon, IL and Zoom

Course will meet Aug. 5, 6, and 7 and could be face-to-face or online through Zoom or hybrid Zoom with other online work. Course will also meet three more dates TBD.


Vicki Oleson

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$262 tuition, plus technology fee of $38.
Andrew Bell

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