Courses & Workshops

Courses listed below include include semester-based courses and Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses. Enroll in a GIS course at any time and take up to nine months to complete your coursework. Click on the course titles below for more details, including how to enroll.
Academic termsort descending Subject Area Catalog Number Section Course Title Location Start Date End Date Instructor(s)
Open PH 1030 Basic Nutrition Online: GIS Web
Tammie Collum
Open ECON 1031 Introduction to Economics Online: GIS Web
Bulent Uyar
Open LITED 1044 Children's Literature Online: GIS Web
Timothy Weih
Open STAT 1772 Intro to Statistical Methods Online: GIS Web
Michael Prophet
Open PH 2160 Medical Terminology Online: GIS Web
Susan Dobie
Open EDPSYCH 4152/5152 Development of the Middle School Aged Child Online: GIS Web
Dr. Suzanne Freedman
Open LYHS 4186/5186 Studies in Leisure Education Media Literacy and Celebrity Influence Online: GIS Web
Rodney Dieser
Open SOC 4499/5499 Seminar in Sociology: Social Movements and Collective Action Online: GIS Web
Ruth Chananie
Open INDIVSTU 4159/5159 Foundations of Career and Technical Education Online: GIS Web
Dale Amunson
Open EDPSYCH 4186/5186 Studies in Forgiveness Online: GIS Web
Dr. Suzanne Freedman
Open LYHS 4186/5186 Studies in Electronic Communication, Youth Development and Generation X, Y and Z Online: GIS Web
Christopher Kowalski
Open SOC 1060 Social Problems Online: GIS Web
Marybeth Stalp
Open INDIVSTU 4159/5159 Implementation of Work-Based Learning Programs Online: GIS Web
Ray Morley
Open ELEMECML 4186/5186 Studies in Graduate-Level Writing Online: GIS Web
Deanne Gute
Open MATH 1100 Mathematics in Decision Making Online: GIS Web
Michael Prophet
Open SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology Online: GIS Web
Marybeth Stalp
Summer 2020 MGMT 6260
Strategic Management of Human Resources Online: Shanghai Jun 27, 2020 Aug 7, 2020
Mary Connerley
Summer 2020 MKTG 6170
Marketing Management Online: Hong Kong Jul 25, 2020 Sep 4, 2020
Martin Hansen
Summer 2020 CS 4133/5133
Foundational Concepts of Computer Science Online: Blackboard (eLearning) May 28, 2020 Jul 18, 2020
J. Ben Schafer
Summer 2020 PEMES 3191
Senior Project Off Campus-Other: Arranged Jun 8, 2020 Jul 31, 2020
Lea Shaddox
Summer 2020 EDLEAD 4133/5133
Leadership Camp Online: Online Jun 8, 2020 Jul 9, 2020
Denise Schares
Summer 2020 LITED 3119/5119
Language Development and Emergent Literacy Online: Blackboard (eLearning) May 11, 2020 Jun 19, 2020
Nandita Gurjar
Summer 2020 MKTG 3179
Cooperative Education in Marketing Off Campus-Other: Arranged May 11, 2020 Jul 31, 2020
Martin Hansen
Summer 2020 CAP 3131
Analysis of Social Issues Online: Blackboard (eLearning) May 11, 2020 Jun 5, 2020
Gayle Rhineberger-Dunn
Summer 2020 FAM SERV 3161/5161
Families, Alzheimer's and Related Dementias Online: Blackboard (eLearning) Jun 8, 2020 Jul 2, 2020
Elaine Eshbaugh