Courses & Workshops

Courses listed below include include semester-based courses and Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses. Enroll in a GIS course at any time and take up to nine months to complete your coursework. Click on the course titles below for more details, including how to enroll.
Academic termsort descending Subject Area Catalog Number Section Course Title Location Start Date End Date Instructor(s)
Open CS 1520 Data Structures Online: GIS Web
Mark Fienup
Open FAM SERV 1020 Family Relationships Online: GIS Web
Elaine Eshbaugh
Open MATH 1100 Mathematics in Decision Making Online: GIS Web
Michael Prophet
Open SOCFOUND 4134/5134 History of Education Online: GIS Web
Robert Boody
Open CS 1410 Computer Organization Online: GIS Web
Mark Fienup
Open GEOG 1110 World Geography Online: GIS Web
James Fryman
Open TECH 3191/5191 Implementing Career and Technical Programs Online: GIS Web
Ali Kashef
Open SOC SCI 1020 Women, Men, and Society Online: GIS Web
Karen Cunningham
Open CS 1510 Introduction to Computing Online: GIS Web
Mark Fienup
Open HPE 2160 Medical Terminology Online: GIS Web
Susan Dobie
Open MUSIC 1100 Soundscapes: Music in Culture Online: GIS Web
Bruce Chidester
Open SOC 3170/5170 Seminar in Sociology: Social Movements and Collective Action Online: GIS Web
Ruth Chananie