Guidelines for success

Jump right in
It is wise to start on assignments promptly and establish a definite goal, such as completing one assignment every week or two. Students who start assignments soon after receiving the course materials have a significantly higher completion rate.

Submit your assignments
Mail all assignments and communications for print-based courses directly to the Guided Independent Office, not your course instructor. Assignments for online courses are submitted online. Please read the materials carefully for specific course instructions. After submitting your first assignment, you should hold the second assignment until the first has been returned. Later assignments may be sent as completed without waiting for the return of previous lessons, unless otherwise specified by the instructor. Do not hold assignments to be sent two or more at a time. It is always a good idea to keep a copy of each assignment. Occasionally, assignments are lost or damaged in transit. If coursework is lost in the mail or inaccessible online, it must be resubmitted.

Keep in touch
If a note is included with a print-based assignment, fold it separately with visible notice that it is not a part of the coursework. If the communication concerns examinations or other office business, please label it clearly for Guided Independent Study. Please notify the Guided Independent Study Office immediately with any name or address changes.