Iowa teaching license renewal

Renewal and reinstatement requirements are established by the Board of Educational Examiners and are subject to change by this board at any time. Information concerning the renewal or reinstatement requirements may be obtained from:

Board of Educational Examiners
Practitioner Licensure Bureau
Grimes State Office Building
Des Moines, IA 50319-0146
Phone: 515-281-3245

The following regulations apply to the renewal of most licenses.

  1. Credit required for the renewal of an Iowa teaching license may be earned through guided independent study.
  2. person will need to complete either six or eight units to renew a license. The number of units required for renewal depends upon the class of license being renewed. Direct all questions regarding the number of units required to the Board of Educational Examiners.
  3. For those who have not graduated from a four-year college, all credits earned must apply toward the eventual bachelor's degree. The determination of both the amount and specific subject fields in which credit is needed to advance one toward the bachelor's degree is a function of the Registrar's Office in the institution from which the student expects to eventually earn a degree. Generally speaking, anyone participating in any off-campus courses should request and abide by a "statement of further work needed" provided by the Registrar of the student's home college. 
  4. For those who have licenses based on a degree, the work taken for renewal should:

    • lead toward the completion of a planned master's, specialist's, or doctor's degree program.
    • add greater depth/breadth to present endorsements held.
    • lead toward the completion of requirements for an endorsement not currently held.
  5. If credit for license renewal is earned in different colleges, the student needs to request official transcripts from each college. The applicant needs to send the transcript along with the renewal application and fee to the Board of Educational Examiners.