Refund policy

Students are required to pay all of their tuition and fees for Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses, even if no assignments or exams have been submitted or there has been no attempt to access the course. However, if after enrolling, a decision is made to withdraw from the course, then the following policy applies.

Withdrawal or cancellation occurs on the calendar day the withdrawal is requested via our online withdrawal request form, via email sent to, or the postmark date of a request received via postal mail.

Please see the table below for information regarding refunds/credits for GIS tuition and technology fees.

Withdrawal RequestedRefund / Credit Percentage

During the first four weeks of enrollment

During the fifth or sixth week of enrollment75%
After the sixth week0%

When a refund/credit is granted, a charge of $15 is deducted for each assignment and examination that has been graded. All course materials must be returned to the Guided Independent Study Office. The $10 enrollment fee is not refundable.