Time limits and guidelines

You are allowed nine months from the date of enrollment to complete a course. If you do not finish within nine months, one 90-day extension may be granted for a fee of $10. The extension must be requested in writing before the nine-month expiration date. Courses must be completed within a one-year period. An Extension Request Form is included with your course materials or you may complete the extension request form online.

You may transfer from one course to another within two months of the date of enrollment for a fee of $10 plus $12 for each lesson and exam that has been graded. The course enrollment date remains the same.

No more than three assignments may be submitted in a one-week period. Courses may have their own guidelines — read the syllabus carefully. The minimum time allowed to complete a course is two weeks per credit hour; a three-credit course cannot be completed in less than six weeks.

As a general rule, you should allow two to three weeks for assignments and exams to be graded and returned. This can vary depending upon the instructor’s schedule and semester breaks. If you must complete a course in a short time or during the summer, it is important that you make sure the instructor is available to correct your coursework.

You are responsible for completing assignments and exams early enough to ensure the grade is available when needed. The final exam must be completed and in the Guided Independent Study Office at least three weeks before the grade is needed. This is especially important if you plan to graduate. If you need a grade by the end of the summer session, you should confirm that the instructor will be available and that you will be able to complete all coursework by July 15.