Teaching English in Secondary Schools (TESS) (MA) - Summer 2017 Cohort

Tentative course schedule
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Summer 2017
Introduction to Graduate Study in English
Introduction to problems, techniques, and tools of graduate-level study and research in English; to be completed before 9 hours earned in the M.A. program. Prerequisite(s): written consent of English Graduate Coordinator.
3 unit(s)
Workshop: The Teaching of Writing and Learning (IWP Level 1 Institute)
This workshop focuses on teaching writing and on using writing to enhance student learning across disciplines, by exploring their own teaching and by reading and discussing professional literature; they also write, reflect upon, and share their writing in order to refine professional practice.
3 unit(s)
Fall 2017
Studies in English Education: Milestones
Theory, research, policy statements marking the 100+ year development of English teaching; the trends and issues they represent that are foundational to exemplary curriculum and practice.
3 unit(s)
Spring 2018
Seminar in the Teaching of English
Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): ENGLISH 6100 (620:201)
3 unit(s)

Topic: Teaching Shakespeare in Secondary Schools

Summer 2018 through Summer 2019 -- 18 unit(s)

Courses to be determined, as selected in consultation with English graduate faculty and TESS cohort students. Six units of coursework (two courses) to be completed each summer; three units of coursework (one course) to be completed each fall and spring.

Examples of courses offered in the past (3 units each):

  • Genre Seminar: Frontiers of Non-Fiction
  • Genre Seminar: The Short Story
  • Genre Seminar: Teaching Contemporary Poetry
  • Iowa Writing Project workshops offered at the 6000-level
  • Performance and Technology in English Teaching
  • Seminar in Literature: Inquiry in American Literature
  • Teaching Literature: Considerations & Complications
Fall 2019
Prerequisite(s): consent of department. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): ENGLISH 6100 (620:201).
3 unit(s)