Teaching English in Secondary Schools (TESS) (MA) - Spring 2018 Cohort

Tentative course schedule
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Spring 2018
Workshop: The Teaching of Writing and Learning (IWP Level 1 Institute)
This workshop focuses on teaching writing and on using writing to enhance student learning across disciplines, by exploring their own teaching and by reading and discussing professional literature; they also write, reflect upon, and share their writing in order to refine professional practice.
3 unit(s)
Summer 2018

One week on campus - tentatively scheduled June 11-15 (continuation of Spring 2018 workshop course).

Seminar in Literature
Selected generic, thematic, or critical topic or specific writer. Topic listed in Schedule of Classes. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): ENGLISH 6100 (620:201).
3 unit(s)

Topic: Young Adult Literature

Fall 2018
Studies in English Education: Milestones
Theory, research, policy statements marking the 100+ year development of English teaching; the trends and issues they represent that are foundational to exemplary curriculum and practice.
3 unit(s)
Spring 2019
Seminar in Literature: The Short Story
This course will focus on the history and practice of the short story. The course content will include canonical and frequently taught short fiction as well as an exploration of different historical and cultural contexts for short fiction. Individual sections may focus on short story cycles, magazine fiction, electronic short fiction, and YA short story anthologies.
3 unit(s)

Topic: The Short Story


Seminar in the Teaching of English
Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): ENGLISH 6100 (620:201)
3 unit(s)

Topic: Teaching Shakespeare

Summer 2019
Introduction to Graduate Study in English
Introduction to problems, techniques, and tools of graduate-level study and research in English; to be completed before 9 hours earned in the M.A. program. Prerequisite(s): written consent of English Graduate Coordinator.
3 unit(s)
Genre Seminar: Creative Non-Fiction
This course will explore the genres of creative nonfiction. We will produce creative nonfiction of our own so as to better understand how the essay form works, the better to assist our students. We will also investigate creative nonfiction as a methodology particularly well-suited for narrating the outcomes of classroom-based research.
3 unit(s)

Fall 2019 through Summer 2020
Courses to be determined, as selected in consultation with English graduate faculty and TESS cohort students. Three units of coursework (one course) to be completed in the fall and spring; six units of coursework (two courses) to be completed in the summer.

Examples of courses offered in the past (3 units each):

  • Genre Seminar: Teaching Contemporary Poetry
  • Iowa Writing Project workshop
  • Issues in English Education
  • Seminar in Literature: Inquiry in American Literature
  • Teaching Literature: Considerations and Complications
  • Teaching Multicultural Composition and Literature
Fall 2020
Prerequisite(s): consent of department. Prerequisite(s) or corequisite(s): ENGLISH 6100 (620:201).
3 unit(s)