Special Education Master of Arts in Education Programs

The University of Northern Iowa offers a Special Education MAE program with two emphasis areas. Click on the link below that aligns with your interest.

Field Specialization emphasis:

Designed to provide specially-designed instruction to students with disabilities that is aligned with the Common Core and Common Core Essential Elements. Choose from one of two specialty areas:

  • Instructional practices for educating K-12 students with significant cognitive disabilities, earning endorsement in K-12 Instructional Strategist II: Intellectual Disabilities
  • Instructional practices for educating 5-12 students with mild disabilities, earning endorsement in 5-12 Instructional Strategist I: Mild/Moderate

Consultant emphasis: 

Addresses the need across the state for highly effective special education consultants and instructional coaches to provide collaborative, job-embedded and personalized professional development.

  • Completion of the program leads an endorsement to serve as a special education consultant or an instructional coach certificate
  • Four years of teaching experience required