Instructional and Administrative Support

Faculty members are responsible for developing the content of the courses, reviewing course content during development of the course and facilitating instruction. While Continuing and Distance Education provides comprehensive instructional design services, including pedagogical guidance and support with the technical elements of course design and delivery, faculty members are also encouraged to take advantage of the training and resources available through ITS Educational Technology and Media Services. Specifically, Continuing and Distance Education provides support in the following areas:

  1. Consult individually with faculty members to optimize pedagogy.
  2. Discuss, evaluate and make recommendations for course design options.
  3. Design and configure the eLearning environment.
  4. Format course content and upload to eLearning.
  5. Train and support faculty members in using the administrative features of eLearning.
  6. Update and maintain courseware within the eLearning environment.
  7. Communicate with students about how to login, how to obtain any required materials and how to receive technical assistance.

Continuing and Distance Education will be responsible for promotion and advertising, the administration and maintenance of course/student records, registration and fee collection and payment of faculty members.