New Physics coursework for Iowa 5-12 Physics and All Science Endorsements to begin August 2019

Physics Coursework for Iowa 5-12 Physics and All Science Endorsements to begin August 2019

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- The University of Northern Iowa has announced the creation of a new pathway for existing science and math teachers to become endorsed to teach physics by offering Physics coursework for Iowa 5-12 Physics and Iowa 5-12 All Science Endorsements, set to begin August 2019, with online fall courses. In Iowa, like most states, few high school physics teachers have a physics degree or the equivalent physics course work. This endorsement pathway will help improve teachers’ physics content knowledge and better prepare Iowa students for a future in STEM.

Courses are designed to help participants build and demonstrate competencies in physics content knowledge and scientific practices, as well as how to assess students’ conceptual understanding and problem-solving competencies. Coursework also focuses on how to implement research-based active learning strategies and resources that engage students in a physics classroom in alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Coursework can be completed in 1 to 2 years; online courses will be offered during fall, spring and 8-week summer sessions, while on-campus courses are offered during the summer. Online courses are offered using a combination of Adobe Connect or Zoom, and Blackboard, a dynamic platform that will enhance your learning experience and sense of community with fellow classmates.

To learn more about this program or to apply, visit or call 319-273-2121 or 800-648-3864.