What our graduates are saying

Dan Butler
UNI has a strong reputation for preparing educators for greatness, and the Superintendency program is no exception. The blended format allows quality professional learning at a distance without disrupting the everyday flow of life. The professors and staff members within the Educational Leadership department are true leaders of learning, service, and change, and are dedicated to preparing students to excel at the next level.
Elizabeth Hackbarth, Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development MA 2011 alum
As a young nonprofit professional, the program gives credibility to my resume and offered me an opportunity to network with other nonprofit professionals. In fact, I was introduced to my first employer post-graduation who was a guest speaker in a first semester course! I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to further their career in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development. The curriculum is a broad overview of all aspects of the nonprofit sector, and the research paper allowed me to dive deeper into a relevant and timely topic that fit my career path and interests. Thanks to Dr. Rod Dieser’s considerate guidance, I was able to have my research reviewed and approved prior to graduation.
Erika Ramirez

The school is amazing, the staff are amazing, and the friendships you make are amazing. This is truly a top notch program and I am honored to call myself a UNI grad!

Ginger Sakas headshot
The University of Northern Iowa offered me the unique opportunity to attend classes through my computer and a headset, make personal connections and develop camaraderie with my fellow cohorts. When I completed the program, I had an enormous sense of accomplishment, a heightened awareness to new thoughts and a professional empowerment to advance my career.
Jaclyn James headshot
The Speech-Language Pathology program is so supportive of its students. I have met some great professors, staff members, and students that are genuinely interested in seeing that you succeed well beyond the classroom.
headshot placeholder
The most important thing I’ve taken from this program is the importance of critical thinking and the ability to evaluate community programs and resources. Before, I felt like just another person living in Cedar Falls; now I feel more invested in the development of my community because of the conversations we’ve had in class. Furthermore, I feel like I can add to the conversation and help grow the world around me.
Jessa Drake
UNI provides an environment where students feel comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas and to learn new skills in the process. UNI not only educates their students, but builds a community relationship with them so that they can be successful.
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The benefits of the distance program for me were vast. Because classes were in the evenings, the flexibility allowed me to continue to work in my current position. Secondly, I have a family with two young children. It would have been nearly impossible for me to complete a specialized degree in a “traditional” master’s program; however, the way this program was designed, it was achievable for me and I believe that it is achievable for anyone.
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The cost seems greatly reduced without sacrificing quality or academics. Being able to “meet” professionals from all over the country in many highly esteemed organizations and learning from them without having to move myself or my family was just a phenomenal experience. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. If I couldn’t have taken this at a distance, I would not have received this quality of education. At a distance you can benefit from a very broad range of experience from different parts of the country and levels of professional expertise.
Kristian Einsweiler
The distance program gave me so much flexibility. While using Adobe Connect I was able to be at home, at my job, or on vacation and still be in class. As adults we have so many things pulling us in every direction - the distance program really allowed us to be successful while still juggling all the other aspects of life.
Kristin Teig Torres headshot
Completing an MA in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Development has opened a number of career opportunities that I did not imagine. Initially it helped develop my skill set as an alumni relations professional at a nonprofit nursing and healthcare college, as the research paper I wrote was directly related to my advancement work. Furthermore, my degree aided when I was hired as director of community engagement at Wartburg College, including the opportunity to teach a first level course in Wartburg’s Leadership Minor related to leadership theories and style. I would not have these opportunities without the knowledge and experience obtain pursuing my degree.
Nikki Lyons headshot
UNI is a great choice for students who want to experience learning beyond the four walls of a lecture hall. Students don't have to search far to find opportunities for real-world encounters on campus, in the local community or abroad.